Privacy policy

Privacy policy

HayashiSoji Corporation (HayashiSoji) always properly manages and uses information specific to individuals ("personal information") that it collects during the course of its business activities, and always abides by laws and ordinances governing the management and use of personal information.

1) HayashiSoji Personal Information Protection Policy

Collect, use and provide personal information and forbid the use of such information for purposes other than the original intent
While carefully considering the personal information is entrusted to us in our company activities, HayashiSoji will handle such information appropriately by establishing a management system for personal information protection for each type of business, and also by following our rules for collecting, using or providing personal information. In addition, HayashiSoji will not use such information for purposes other than the original intent and will implement appropriate measures for it.

2) Provision of Personal Data

HayashiSoji does not disclose customers' personal data to third parties except in the following cases.
(1) When the customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure
(2) When HayashiSoji consigns the handling of personal data to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use
(3) When complying with laws and regulations

3) Contact Coordinates for Inquiries and Requests

The office below may be contacted regarding the handling of personal information in HayashiSoji 's possession, and for requests to view, correct, delete or otherwise handle the said information.

4) Security Policy

The personal information that We took is limited to the use in the office, and it is allowed for only the staff who needs personal information to achieve the special duties including the inquiry person in charge to access it.

5) Information on important changes and notices

When important changes and notices on personal data arise, HayashiSoji will post it on our website.