Head Office

5-12-14 Omori Higashi,Ota Ward
Tokyo 143-0012, JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-3762-8451 FAX: +81-3-3762-8454
JR Phone: 057-3344

Traffic information

◎Tokyo monorail
 10-minute walk from Showajima Station

◎From JR Omori Station
 Keikyu bus , Omori-higashi 5-chome line
 (the third platform ,27 system)

◎From JR Kamata Station
 Keikyu bus , Omori-higashi 5-chome line
 (The sixth platform ,67 system)

【The time required for both buses are approximately 20 minutes.】

Ichihara Plant

4-3 Uruido-Minami,Ichihara City
Chiba Prefecture 290-0170 , JAPAN

Phone: +81-43-637-6301 FAX: +81-43-637-6302

Traffic information

◎Keisei Electric Railway Keisei Chihara line "Chiharadai" station (getting off)
 Please take Kominato bus "Kita line" or "a long Wood station line"
 Please get off at "Teikyo Heisei University entrance"

【Time required of the bus is approximately 15 minutes.】